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Property Consulting

To attract and keep a whitetail deer herd you need quality bedding, a mixture of preferred food, and then water. A Deer loves variety! After that, it is the design of where to put each need so that there is deer movement over the area of your property. Every property is completely different and there are always different ways to design and set up that particular acreage. If you can figure out the "why" of your property then your chances of harvesting that trophy of a lifetime will increase drastically.

Whitetail Deer Habitat
Whitetail Deer Habitat
Whitetail Deer Habitat

What's Included?

Property Analysis

- Personal property goals

- Walk your property

- Physically mark key sites

- Understand property pressure, bedding areas, food locations, and rut hunting effectiveness.

Design Visual Property Plan

- Rough draft sketch design

- Details laid out on multiple maps

- Finalize property plan for print

Print Out Your Property Plan Maps

- Detailed 24" x 36" waterproof property plan map

- Smaller property plan field map 

- Food plot list

- Step-by-Step priority list

- Consulting on any additional questions you may have in the future

Whitetail Deer Habitat
Whitetail Deer Habitat
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