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Food Plot Seeds

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WHD Brassica Blend is made up of 8 different types of brassicas which include turnips, radishes, rapes, and kale . This blend does best if planted late July to early August in most areas and is an unbelievable fall food source. One very important factor that any type of brassicas need is plenty of sunlight. It is not shade tolerant. The large and leafy brassicas will provide tons of nutritious leafy forage that will become sweeter after a hard frost. When the leaves are all gone they will paw and eat the turnips right out of the ground. WHD Brassica Blend is an easy to grow blend that will draw deer during the hunting season and also provide nutrition during the colder months of late season. We have great success with broadcasting our WHD Perennial Clover blend onto these plots at the time of planting! The clovers will establish under the brassicas in the fall food plot and then will grow in the spring and supply you with a clover plot for Spring and Summer. That gives you a dual benefit at one time of planting!  

6 lb - ½ acre bag | 12 lb - 1 acre bag | 25 lb - 2 acre bag | 50 lb - 4 acre bag 

PLOT SCREEN - Frigid Forage 

Ever wished to make your food plot more secluded? Ever wish you could go to and from your hunting spot without busting deer on your food plot? Most of us have been in situations like this, so that was the inspiration needed to develop this blend of sturdy sorghums and Egyptian wheat that makes it an easy to grow, tall and thick natural screen. Due to it being made up of fast growing plants, it will give you a screen that could be as tall as 13 feet in one year! This product does best if planted in sunny areas in late Spring or early Summer. It needs only half of the moisture that corn requires to reach maturity. For the best results for having a higher screen, plant Plot Screen in at least 16 foot wide strips so that it stands up to the high winds that are the biggest factor in breaking down the tall plants. This unique blend will help you take your hunting strategy to a new level!  

8.5 lb - .5 acre bag | 25 lb - 1.5 acre bag


  Heavy Browse Tolerant  

WHD Late Season Blend is a mix of Cereal Grains that include Winter Rye (Grain), Winter Wheat and Winter Barley. It is designed to maximize every square inch in your food plot and will be heavy browse tolerant for your farm where you have a lot of deer. If you have a plot that is usually overgrazed or you cant grow enough food for the deer, then WHD Late Season Blend is your best bet to have the max amount of greens. This is an easy to grow blend that grows in a variety of soils or low PH soils and it gives your deer herd an excellent green food source through Fall & Winter. It is also a great cover crop option if broadcasted into your already brown soybeans or corn plots. You can plant alone at 250 to 300lbs per acre or top seed into the WHD Early Season Blend at 200 lbs per acre. 

50 lb Bag


WHD Early Season Blend is our own blend of seeds that is a great option to plant around the middle of August and it gives the deer a great candy crop till the first frost. The deer love the late planted Forage Soybeans, Winter Peas, and Winter Oats throughout the early season. These 3 products coexist and grow with each other and do not suffocate each other. We recommend planting it at the rate of 100 to 150 lbs per acre depending on your soil and deer herd numbers. It is then recommended to top-dress this product at the first of September with the WHD Late Season Blend at the rate of 200 lbs per acre. That will give the deer a variety of 3 forage options in early season and then also 3 forage options in late season in the same food plot! 

50 lb Bag


Real World Wildlife Products has tested numerous corn varieties over the past decade looking for a variety that would stand out from other varieties in terms of nutrient content and attraction and compliment our soybeans. Finally it has been found! The “Nutri-Crave” corn has higher levels of all major nutrients found in corn and also attracts hungry deer better than any other corn that has been tested. 

In 2020, Nutri-Crave 109-day corn had 11.12% protein and 12.97% fat. Corn from a nearby ag field tested at 6.86% protein and 3.86% fat. Real World’s Nutri-Crave corn also had better figures for phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, sulfur, zinc, iron and manganese. Another huge advantage is in total calories where Nutri-Crave corn has 225% more calories than the same volume of typical field corn. Just imagine what this means to deer feeding on Nutri-Crave corn during the winter! Most importantly, deer showed a very strong preference to Nutri-Crave corn compared to all other varieties tested. Real World’s Nutri-Crave corn is non-GMO, at this time, we do not offer this in the Roundup Ready variety. If you grow corn in your food-plots or for livestock feed, you really need to try Nutri-Crave corn! 

1 acre bag - 26,666 kernel • 2.5-3 acre bag - 80,000 kernel 


Real Worlds new “Generation-2” soybeans is a blend of 4 different soybean varieties with maturities ranging from 4.0 to 5.4 and are better for wildlife food plots than other soybeans for these reasons: 

- They produce a tremendous amount of forage and grain to feed your deer throughout the entire hunting season. Forage soybeans often die and provide nothing after the first frost. 

- They are shatter resistant, meaning the soybean grain will stay within the pods where deer can readily consume it. 

- They are higher in oil content than most other soybean varieties. High-oil soybeans are more attractive to hungry whitetails and provide higher levels of important nutrients. 

The Real World Gen 2 Soybeans are also “glyphosate tolerant” meaning that you can spray glyphosate herbicide (Roundup) right over the top of your soybean plots to keep them weed free. 


Autumn Quick Plot is a blend of annuals and biennials that include fast growing turnips and radishes. This blend is designed to plant the latest of all turnip and radishes blends. It is preferred to plant in mid to late August but can still be planted as late as first to mid September. Autumn Quick Plot also has Winter Rye, Winter Wheat, and Winter Peas in it so it will stay green long after the first hard frost. 

8.5 lb - .5 acre bag | 25 lb - 1.5 acre bag | 50 lb - 3 acre bag



WHD Perennial Clover is exactly what the name implies, 100% clover. This is a blend of 7 different clovers and will provide a high protein food source for deer and turkeys from early Spring all the way to the middle of hunting season. The advantage of planting blends is they are more versatile and will thrive in a wider range of conditions and soils making them an ideal choice for most any situation from open fields all the way to shaded areas and woodland trails. This is a great choice for rotational planting with annual blends such as WHD Brassica Blend and also a great choice for frost seeding. Clover adds nitrogen to the soil that is heavily used by many annuals and frost seeding is an effective method for strengthening an existing food plot. It can be planted with little or no tilling as long as the soil exposure is good and the existing vegetation is eliminated. We have a lot of success with broadcasting the WHD Perennial Clover onto our fall WHD Brassica Blend plots. Then with a little frost seeding the following early Spring, you have an excellent Spring/ Summer food source the following year. 

6 lb - .5 acre bag | 12 lb - 1 acre bag | 25 lb - 2 acre bag | 50 lb - 4 acre bag 

PLOW DOWN CLOVER - Frigid Forage 

Plow Down Clover is the first-of-its-kind blend of fast growing annual and bi-annual clovers formulated to provide a cover crop for any plot that you intend to to plant a Fall food source such as Big-N-Beasty, Autumn Quick Plot, WHD Early Season Blend or WHD All Season Blend. As the name implies, Plow Down Clover is planted in the Spring and then is plowed under as “Green Manure” when you are ready to plant your Fall plot. When the clover is plowed under, the buried plants will act as green manure for your plot. As the plants decay they will provide beneficial organic matter for your soil along with other much needed nutrients. Plow Down Clover has a lot more red clovers in it then the Pure Trophy Clover so it is a really good mixture for your Spring Turkey plot. 

8.5 lb - 1 acre bag | 25 lb - 3 acre bag 

WALL HANGER  - Frigid Forage 

This unique perennial blend is designed for primarily open sunny areas and lighter soils. Wall Hanger is a healthy blend of alfalfa, chicory, and clovers that green up quickly in the Spring and provides a high quality forage all through Spring, Summer and early Fall. Like many perennials, alfalfa and chicory grow slowly at first and are susceptible to overgrazing. To protect these young plants during the critical early stages of growth there is also a small percentage of forage turnips and radishes that act as nurse crops for your new seeding. These nurse crops will also provide a high protein forage while protecting the young plants from being overgrazed. In the following growing season your clover, chicory and alfalfa will come in strong and the cover crops will disappear after a couple maintenance mowings. Wall Hanger is best if planted in Spring or especially in late Summer. 

4 lb - .5 acre bag | 8 lb - 1 acre bag | 25 lb - 3 acre bag | 50 lb - 6 acre bag 


Using it for bedding, screening, or travel routes, Switchgrass is a very versatile product and very durable once it is mature. When using it for bedding areas the most important factor is that it is one of the best thermal covers available to wildlife. In the hunting season when mid to late season comes around and the cold winds start blowing this is the go-to bedding for a lot of whitetail deer. On screening, it is a really nice thick screen but not as overbearing as some of the tall grasses that are available.When planning on planting Switchgrass it is very important to take the correct steps to eliminate any weed competition with herbicides. Weeds are the biggest factor in an unsuccessful switchgrass planting project. 

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