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Whitetail Habitat Designs

Take control of your hunting property where you can establish a whitetail deer herd and consistently harvest a mature buck.


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Whitetail Deer
Whitetail Deer

We bought our property in 2021, and that year we shot 2 mature bucks. In 2022 we'd get pics of some mature deer but only once a week, they were not staying on the property and had us patterned better than we could pattern them.
In the spring of 2023, we got WHD in for a walk-through and consultation. WOW! We put a food plot in their preferred area, and access routes with minimal disturbance. By early August we were holding 2 new mature bucks, and by the end of October, we were holding at least double the amount of deer on the property than we had in the year before. The mature bucks are regulars in the food plots. We want to add some areas with switch grass and maybe some hinge cutting to complete the bedding options (reflecting WHD’s Plan).
Thank You, WHD - Steven Yoder

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